Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stylin' with Studio J!

So, I really have discovered that our digital scrapbooking program, Studio J, is an amazing and quick way to get a lot of layouts done in a short amount of time!  Added bonus -- they look just as classy and creative as our "hands-on" layouts!!  Take this one for example:
Our niece, Tyler, has always been a little fashion diva!  Whenever Grandma would take pictures, they were never just "pictures."  She always had to pose!!  And new outfits were ALWAYS a reason to pose!  :)

This one is a sneak peak of one I created for my niece and nephew, of when he proposed.  She had asked me to do a few album pages for her of their wedding, pregnancy, and birth of their first child, but don't think she even thought about the engagement photos.  I'm excited for her to see this one:

If I had to choose (thankfully, I don't!)  I still think I like the hands on scrapbooking better.  It just satisfies my creative side a little more.  But it is so nice to be able to do pages, "faster, simpler, and easier,"  as the Close to My Heart logo says, and still have them be beautiful creations that you're proud to show off. 

For more information on Studio J, visit the website, where you can actually try it out for free -- create a page and see what you think!  Then, if you're sold on the idea, visit MY website here to sign up!

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