Monday, March 11, 2013

Just keepin' it real.

Yup. Real life has come and slapped me in the face the past month. That ole green eyed monster has been working overtime on my heart. The devil knows my weak spots, and barrages them, over and over until all I can do is fall on my knees. Good thing that's a prime position to pray from - I've been on my face on the floor more than once this past month asking why, and how, and help.

First off, with spring coming, it seems that new birth is everywhere. And by that, I mean pregnant ladies. Round bellies teaming with life. Such beauty. And I am so.stinkin.jealous. My birthday came and went (#42, thankyouverymuch) the end of February, and it hit home, once again, that there are no babies in my future, except those being had by the lucky others. Don't get me wrong -- I am over the top happy for my friends and family that are expecting -- just so very sad for myself, that I'll never realize that heart-goal of being a mama. It's been a hard, baby-blues kind of month so far.

And then, I fell down the stairs. Again. I'm honestly stymied as to how I manage this, but, there you have it. This time was a little more severe. I ended up at Urgent Care, with a temporary diagnosis of a broken foot and an appointment in two weeks with a podiatrist -- and a walking boot/cast, as well. Luckily, when I saw the podiatrist, he said the fracture was actually a chip, and there is nothing they can do for that, but I still had a badly twisted ankle. So, the boot is still in my future for another week or so while that heals. We're seriously considering moving to a ranch style house. ASAP. I was thisclose to being in a cast for 9 months. No, thank you very much.

Next, my FIL ended up in the hospital. With viral pneumonia. As in, the doctor told him, if he hadn't have come in [that night], he might not have made the next day. SO scary. Thankfully, his brother had talked to him that day, and spoke to my SIL, who called and convinced my FIL to make a trip to the ER. That turned into a 4 day hospital stay. We're so thankful that he's home, and recovering nicely. There are still a few tests in his future, so if you're so inclined, prayers would be greatly appreciated for him.

I know I've talked, somewhat jokingly, in the past about being on an episode of Hoarders. And ok, I'm probably not quite that bad, but I do have hoarding tendencies. Not the trash keeping, never throw anything away, eating rotten food and storing my urine type (and I'm not judging here - I truly believe hoarding is a mental illness that needs to be treated and respected), just the I have a small house and too much crap so there are piles everywhere type. And I've been going through things, and throwing away, and purging, and donating. And yet, here I am. Still overwhelmed. Some days it's hard to move because I don't know where to start. So, I mess around on my IPhone, or computer, or Kindle, anything to escape reality for awhile. And before I know it, I've wasted another day. And Satan laughs.

I want to be one of those people that's always positive. That blogs every day, posting wonderful tutorials, and gorgeous photographs. That designs for a trending scrapbooking company. And yet, I'm not. I don't know if I even have that type of personality. Which circles me back to the why, and the help, and the face-on-the-floor prayers. I don't know if any of my nine followers noticed, but I deleted my blog for about a week. But I brought it back today. Don't ask me why. I'm pretty sure I'm around the bend crazy. But I enjoy it. Just keepin' it real.

P.S.  The MMEW 2.0, the OLW 2013, the blogging three times a week?  Still gonna try to do better with those.  I hope you'll stick with me.  Your friendship is greatly appreciated! Until next time,


Friday, February 1, 2013

Love is in the Air -- with Close to My Heart!

Today is the day! The new Spring/Summer 2013 Idea Book goes live! SO exciting. SO many new beautiful papers, and stamps, and embellishments . . . . I am in L.O.V.E.!

Want a closer look? Visit my website, and browse the yumminess page by page. Want one of your very own? Email me, and I'm happy to give you one, FREE! If you're local, we can arrange a pickup. If you're not, you simply pay for the cost of postage to you, and I'll give you a coupon in that amount to use on your first order. Easy peasy! Of course, a new month means a new Stamp of the Month! February's is entitled "Home Sweet Home:" 

As always, the SOTM is available for only $5 (a $17.95 value!) with a qualifying $50 purchase (before tax and shipping). If you're shopping on my website, you'll be prompted to add the stamp when you place your order! But wait! There's MORE! Yes! We have a new Constant Campaign this month, featuring our awesome Studio J digital scrapbooking website. 

February is sure to be a month of digital delights because you can purchase any Studio J® layout for only $5—that’s a savings of $1.95 per layout! This is a great opportunity to try Studio J for the first time. Create adorable baby layouts with the Wishes and Fishes kit (shown above), or use the new Express Collections with collections of 10 ready-made layouts plus a front and back cover that are easy to use and professionally designed. If you are already a Studio J lover, then you'll be thrilled with your savings this month. If not, NOW is the perfect time to try it. To give it a try for FREE (there is no charge unless you decide to purchase any layouts you have built), go to my website to get started.

I'm so glad you stopped by! Until next time,


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a lot like . . . WINTER!!

Oh, my gosh! The weather is crazy. Crazy, I tell you! Really, this winter started off pretty mild -- then, we had two storms hit Utah right around Christmas, and we have not seen the ground since. Literally. After those two storms, northern Utah dove into what (here) would be referred to as a deep freeze. Highs in the teens, lows in the single digits, everything (including water pipes!) frozen solid! And of course, in Utah, along with the cold comes the nasty, yucky inversion. One of the downfalls of winter in a Utah valley. If you take a drive up into the mountains, you all of a sudden will break through the layer of haze, smog, and crud that the valley is swimming in and see sun! And be warm! Yes, 'tis true. On days like that, Park City is warmer than Salt Lake. The only thing that will knock out the inversion is another storm. And we've had storms this month! Several, in fact, with three in the last three days! We're back to the ground being totally white and the streets being somewhat slushy. One day last week, we even had freezing rain, which I don't think I've ever seen in my 19 years here. Icky stuff. I'll take snow over ice any day! All that being said, the cold, grey weather has really been getting me down. Interfering with my peace-full intentions. Breathing in a lot of anxiety along with the gunk. So I broke down and ordered an Ion Therapy Lamp. My counselor has been recommending one for a couple of years, and a few ladies I'm friends with swear by theirs. So, it arrived today! YAY! I'll keep you posted on what I think.

Obviously, I also need to say that Today is Day One -- mostly because I didn't keep up with my blogging in January. Where does the time go? I don't remember wasting 26 days, but I somehow managed it. We are trying to work on our house -- painting the walls and replacing carpet and floor coverings, so a bit of my time went to that. Still organizing my new craft room, and trying to catch up on online classes. And playing with the puppies, of course. They've really been enjoying the snow. I hope to update you later this week with the new Close to My Heart specials, as well as give you a peek into my Gratitude Journal -- which, I am happy to say, I have journaled in every day this month! Yay me! Also coming up, photography updates and updates for OLW 2013. Stay tuned! 

Until next time,


Friday, January 4, 2013

January with Close to My Heart!

Hello, everyone! Just wanted to let you know about a few specials for January -- one of which is a GREAT way to get a jump start on Valentine's Day! 

1. Whooo's Your Valentine 
2. January Stamp of the Month 

January is National Papercrafting Month and Close To My Heart has created a fancy little Valentine Treat Tube kit called "Whooo's Your Valentine" to celebrate. Spend just $35 (before shipping and tax) and get the exclusive "Whooo's Your Valentine" treat tube kit for only $10 (valued at $40)! 

The kit includes: 12 die-cut boxes 3 cardstock sheets 1 sheet of silver glitter paper (so pretty!) 12 treat tubes An exclusive D-size Whooo's Your Valentine stamp set created specifically for the kit! (see below -- carrier sheet actual size is 6" x 6"):

This is a FANTASTIC deal - $75 dollars worth of product for only $45 -- AND, you have 10 gifts all ready for Valentine's Day! Easy, peasy! Want an even better deal? Read on to get $108 worth of product for only $55!! 

The January Stamp of the Month is an elegant set perfect for weddings, anniversaries, sympathy cards, and Valentines Day . . . just to name a few. It can be yours for only $5 with a $50 order (before shipping and tax) during January only. If you order on my website, you will be prompted to add it before you check out once you have spent $50. **Remember that you only have to spend $35 to get the "Whooo's Your Valentine" special, so with that added, you just need $5 more to qualify for the SOTM!   Here's a close up of the January SOTM:

Be sure to head over to my website to take advantage of these great deals before they're gone!

Until next time,


Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year, A New Word, and a Splash of Gratitude!

Well, ladies and gents, we made it! Into a new year. Past the end of the world. Who'd've thunk it? But yes, it is Day 3 of 2013, and so far, things are going pretty good -- how about you? Have you made your resolutions yet? Me, not so much. I'm not sure I buy into the whole "resolution" thing -- mostly because I pretty much never keep them. Last year, I started my year off by making monthly goals, and that seemed to work pretty well for me, so I think I'll try that again for 2013. DISCLAIMER: I went to Brave Girls Camp last year, and learned a thing or two. I learned that one, I AM a brave girl, and that two, Today is Day One. So is tomorrow. Everyday can be day one, so I'm going to be gentle with myself. (more on this in #2)! So without any further ado, here are my January goals, in no particular order:

 1. Move more, eat well -- This is a Cathy Zielske class, hosted by Big Picture Classes. I'm trying a different approach this year. I've had "diet" on my resolution list for, oh, I don't know, EVER. It doesn't work. And, I can't afford the surgery, so this year I'm throwing it all out the window. I'm thinking about M.E. I'm pretty sure that I'm a nice person - at least, I try to be - and it's high time I treated mySELF nicely. And I think that making better health decisions -- i.e., what foods I put into my body and choosing to get in a little exercise -- are probably the best way to start enforcing the niceness. If I lose weight along the way, all the better. But my GOAL is to be a better me. I'm hoping participating in the class will help me with motivation!

2. Choosing "One Little Word" for 2013: PEACE -- I'm so glad there are really motivated people out there with really good ideas that I can work with! Ali Edwards' "OLW2013" is another year-long class I'm participating in, and this year I've chosen the word "PEACE." This goes along with being nicer to myself. For so long, I've suffered from depression and anxiety. This year, I want to invite peace into my life and into my body. I want to pray more. I want to learn to meditate. I'd love to do yoga. I want to be mindful -- to live in the moment, in the now, and not worry about tomorrow or what might have been. And I want to be gentle with myself -- to realize that these goals are not going to come right away. They're going to take work.  And that's okay. Because each day gives me the opportunity to start fresh, to invite peace into my mind and my soul, to move more and eat well, and to practice making each of them a habit.

3. Live with a Grateful Heart -- My sweet friend Monika Wright gifted me with one of her amazing Gratitude Journals last year. I absolutely loved it -- but I'm sad to say, I wasn't very good at writing things down. :/ This year my goal is to do better. I've put together my own little journal, and I'm hoping to get much closer to documenting 365 things I'm grateful for! I really believe that living with a grateful heart puts everything into perspective. From the great big miracles to the itty bitty everyday things that we usually don't notice, we need to be thankful for them all. It's in the noticing that gratitude comes. 

4. Blogging More -- This one seems pretty easy compared to the others, but it's really not! Even though I've been online for a couple a years now, I'm still really new to this whole blogging thing. I'd like to post more, I'd like to make more connections with other people, I'd like to take a few classes and maybe step up my blog a little! :) This will also probably be a year-long goal, but my immediate goal for January is to blog at least twice a week.

Phew!  To some of you, that may not seem like much.  I'm sure it will keep my plate full!  What about the rest of you?  Do you make resolutions?  Set goals?  Fly by the seat of your pants?  I would love to hear your plans for the coming year!  Wishing you all a fantastic 2013.

Until next time,    


Monday, November 12, 2012

Hello Monday!

It is Monday, November 12th, and here in the US, yesterday was officially Veteran's Day, though we're "observing" it today. So, I'd like to start off with saying . . . 

Hello ... to all the brave men and women, past, present and future, who so selflessly put themselves in harm's way to defend our way of life. Your service to your country and your fellow countrymen is so greatly appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Hello . . . to another week of Bible study with my family! We are spread over two countries right now, and several states -- we meet each Monday on a conference call for prayer and study. Currently, we're studying "Lazarus Awakening" by Joanna Weaver. 

Hello . . . to Operation Christmas Child! Our boxes are packed, and good thing! It's National Collection Week! Haven't heard of Operation Christmas Child? Visit the link, and check out this fantastic program for yourself!! 

Hello . . . to the amazing {mo}tography course taught by Jessica Sprague and Heidi Swapp! I'm joining hundreds of other women in learning to make to most of "mobile photography" -- i.e., my camera phone! It's always handy, and with technology today, it's a no-brainer to carry your phone and use it for the everyday photos. Ones you wouldn't normally capture, because, really, does your DSLR fit in your purse? Not mine! LOL! Want to see what I'm learning? Check out my NEW Instagram feed in the right hand sidebar -- and click on the Follow me link to follow my Instagram feed! 

Hello . . . to getting ready for Thanksgiving. What -- you haven't heard of it? It's that nearly forgotten holiday between Halloween and Christmas. The day we celebrate all in our life that we're grateful for. And I have so much. So many blessings to be thankful for. We'll be spending our day with family and friends.  

What are you saying hello to this week? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below! 

Hello Monday is a Lisa Leonard inspired practice. 
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 Until next time, 


Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Constant Campaign!

Hi! Just dropping in to let you know about an awesome deal this month from Close to My Heart. We always feature a Stamp of the Month -- a "D" sized stamp set that is exclusive and only available for one month -- you can see information about November's set, Capture the Date, in my sidebar, and learn how to get it (a $17.95 value) for only $5. This month, we're taking it one step further. We're giving you the opportunity to get another stamp set for 50% off, when you qualify to purchase the SOTM for $5.00. BAM! Great way to get a little somethin' extra for, well, just a little somethin'! It's like two promotions in one! We like to call it "Capture the Savings."

Visit my website to shop today -- when you purchase $50 or more in qualifying product and the Stamp of the Month at $5, you will be asked to choose a stamp set for 50% off before you check out. As an added bonus, Close to My Heart wants to help out those affected by Hurricane Sandy -- so for each SOTM set purchased in November as part of this promotion, CTMH will donate $1 to relief efforts. Yep. That's the kind of caring company I work for, and I love it! Link over and visit my website today!

Until next time,


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Missing in Action!

Hello! I have been missing in action the past few months, and for that I apologize. I was just looking at my statistics, and realized that there might be a few people out there who missed me! Let me sum up August, September and October in a few short sentences:

August:  Big trip. We went to Alaska with my husband's family for 10 days. Absolutely loved it. Want to go back. Actually, I'd love to live there! (Yes, even in winter!) Will post soon with more details about the trip and photos. Think salmon, and whales, and mountains, and glaciers. So amazingly beautiful. Here's a teaser: 

Those king salmon now reside in my freezer. ;) We no sooner got back from Alaska then I had to have my gallbladder removed. Just a short note: do not believe the Dr.'s if they tell you it's a quick and easy surgery. Well, the surgery isn't so bad, but the recovery is the pits. It was a full two months before I felt almost normal again.

September: I was so blessed and fortunate to be able to attend Brave Girl Camp in the beautiful state of Idaho. It was an absolutely exquisite experience, one I'm anxious to repeat. Melody, Kathy and all the Brave Girl Staff were wonderful, and the other 16 ladies that attended are now forever friends. I'll be sure to write up a post about this experience, but will give you a just a taste of it, for now:

If you ever have this opportunity, or the opportunity to take their online classes, DO IT. You won't regret it.

October: Nothing really exciting, honestly, other than working on my projects from Brave Girl Camp and trying to catch up with all the online classes I'm taking. I'm pretty sure I'm going to take a break with those for awhile, once I finish these up! You'll be seeing posts over the next few months about some of those classes, as well as photos of my projects. We did visit the pumpkin patch, my sweet hubby and I, and carved 5 pumpkins this year. 

Thank you for checking in -- I hope to do so much better keeping you all informed along the way. If you like what you see/read, I hope you'll share with your friends, and ask them to visit, as well!

Until next time,

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let the Games Begin!!

Once again, it is time for the summer Olympics. I'm excited. Who isn't?? The swimming, the gymnastics, the ping pong . . . ok, I'm kidding about that last one (but it IS an Olympic sport!). It's so neat to watch as the world comes together peacefully to compete -- wouldn't it be wonderful if we could live like that all the time?

We've been touched a couple of times by the Olympics. I was at the announcement party when it was announced that Salt Lake City would host the 2002 Winter Olympics -- and of course, we lived here during that time, so it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be able to attend some of the events. This year, we were touched by them in an out-of-the-ordinary way. My husband works for, and has worked for, Kennecott Utah Copper since we moved here in 1995. This year, Rio Tinto, a world leader in finding, mining and processing the earth's mineral resources that is based in London and the parent company of Kennecott, is the exclusive provider of metal for the 2012 Olympics, with most of the metal coming from Kennecott. You can read more about their process if you click on the link above.

My sweet hubby holding the 2012 Olympic medals provided by Rio Tinto.

Here are a few interesting Olympic Medal Facts you might not know: 
  • This is the largest medal (size and weight) in the history of the summer games. 
  • The IOC requires a minimum of 6 grams of gold per medal. 
  • The front of the 2012 Olympic medal features Nike, the goddess of sport/victory; the back of the medal represents an amphitheater crossed by the River Thames, as well as the 2012 Olympic logo.
  • The front of the 2012 Paralympic medal depicts the wings of Nike and the depicts the area close to her heart and represents the heart of a champion. 
  • The last pure gold medals were awarded in 1912.
  • It wasn't until the St. Louis Olympics in 1904 that the gold medal was introduced as the prize for first place.  
  • The gold medal is made up of 92.5% silver, 1.34% gold, and the remainder copper.
  • The silver medal is 92.5% silver and the remainer copper.
  • The bronze medal is 97.0% copper, 2.5% zinc, and 0.5% tin.  
  • The Olympic medals are designed especially for each individual Olympic games by the host city's organizing committee.  
  • The ore for the 2012 medals was mined on opposite sides of the world -- the Kennecott Mine in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Oyu Tolgoi project in Mongolia.  The metal's journey, from extraction to production, took a month and a half and involved a team of over 2,000.  
Photo of the front side of the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, for the Olympics (top) and the Paralympics (bottom).

We are proud to be part of the bigger picture, and proud that Rio Tinto was given this opportunity.  We are also proud of all the athletes who have trained so hard to participate in these 2012 Olympic games.  So, we'll see you there, I suppose, in front of the television these next two weeks, as we watch with awe and admiration these athletes who have given so much to be the best at what they do.  Let the Games begin!  Until next time,


Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello Monday!

Ah. Hello, Monday! Hello July! Here are some things I'm saying hello to this week: 

Hello, yummy Bountiful Basket! I wish I had taken a photo -- we have cherries, cantaloupe, squash, bananas, mangoes, grape tomatoes, lettuce, celery, grapes, onions, LOTS of numminess!!  I can't wait to try out a few new recipes to use up this harvest!!  If you haven't heard of Bountiful Baskets, click on the link above and see if they're available in your area!!

Hello, sweet friends!!  We have visitors this week, friends who moved to TX several years ago and whom we haven't seen in about 5 years!!  I'm so excited to see Amy and her beautiful girls -- who are growing SO big!  We're getting together tomorrow night for dinner.  *Happy Dance!*

Hello, Independence Day!  Of course, here in the US, July 4th is our Independence Day.  So excited, because it means my hubby gets a day off, and we can just veg.  No plans, really, except to bar-b-Que with a close friend and then set off fireworks after dark.  I'm excited for the sparklers, and for trying some fun new DSLR Camera techniques to try to capture some awesome fireworks photos!

Hello, Coffee Date!  Looking forward to meeting my good friend for coffee on Thursday, catching up on life and sharing some laughs. 

Hello, Hoard.  Yes. You read that right.  Have you seen this?

Unfortunately, it works the opposite on me.  I watch that show, and realize I have those tendencies!  So, I'm in the process of purging my house, one room at a time.  Donating, throwing, shredding, reorganizing; whatever it takes to NOT be invited onto the show!  LOL! 

Hello, heat.  Blerg.  I don't like when it's so hot -- especially when said heat (and resulting dryness) leads to the horrific wildfires that are burning all over the western U.S.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have lost everything -- or anything -- and pray for cooler temps and cleansing rain. 

What are you saying hello to this week?

Hello Monday is a Lisa Leonard inspired practice.
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Until next time,


Welcome to July at Close to My Heart!

It's July! It's summer! It's HOT! And that means we have some "hot" specials this month with Close to My Heart! Of course, there is the AWESOME new SOTM, titled "Live Out Loud." (Is that good advice, or what?) Here is an amazing card, made by the talented Annette Green -- a fellow consultant and someone I want to be when I grow up: 

You can, of course, get this wonderful set for only $5.00 by shopping my website and ordering $50 worth of qualifying product -- or, you can purchase it outright at the low price of $17.95.  This is the final month for ordering out of the Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book, so this is a great time to buy those stamp sets or ink colors that you've had on your "rainy day" list!!  BUT WAIT!  It only gets better! 

The Perfect Pair

 Spend at least $75 before shipping and tax on my CTMH website and you'll qualify for a popular paper packet and coordinating accessory for FREE! (A retail value of up to $17.90) Pairs are available on different dates throughout the month, so you'll want to place more than one qualifying order to snatch several Perfect Pairs. Here are the dates and freebies for each:

July 1 - 5 Mischief Paper Packet & Midnight Felt Shapes

July 6 - 10 Dreamin' Paper Packet and Harvest Charms 

July 11 - 15 Fanfare Paper Packet and Fanfare Level 2 Assortment

July 16 - 20 Lucky Paper Packet and Lucky My Stickease 

July 21 - 25 Mayberry Paper Packet and Mayberry My Stickease 

July 26 - 29 Sophia Paper Packet and Sophia My Stickease

July 30 - 31 Believe Paper Packet and Holiday Pockets
 Wonderland Paper Packet and Wonderland My Stickease.

I hope you'll join me in celebrating summer this month!  Until next time,


Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello Monday!

Ah, May 21st.  One month to the longest day of the year!!  Hard to imagine -- time just seems to fly by!

Hello, Annular Eclipse.  Yes, I'm in UT, although the Northern part.  And no, I didn't drive 4 hours to Southern UT to get the best view of the eclipse.  I guess I'm just not that dedicated.  The pictures on the internet did it justice.  (Although, if my DH had "suggested" the drive, I probably would have gone!) 

Hello, Vacation! It's hard to believe that over the next two weekends, two dear, dear ones to me and my husband will be graduating from high school. (Since we were unable to have children of our own, we live vicariously through our friends and relatives!)  
  • First,  Hello, Bailee.  We've known Bailee since she was about 18 months old.  Mike went to college with her dad.  And her mom and I have been BFFs for, like, ever.  (Well, ever since about 1995.)  And we're godparents to her younger brother. She'll be going to college in the fall majoring in nursing.  She is sweet and funny, and we are so proud of her!  Isn't she gorgeous?  
  • Second, Hello, David.  Our nephew.  This one, we've known since before he was born.  We officially met when we drove down and helped out my sister right after his birth.  And, oh, did I fall in love!!  Such a sweet, cuddly, happy baby!  (I'd post pictures, but I don't want to embarrass him!)  We lost his mom two years ago, and while I know it's been difficult for him, he has become such a wonderful young man.  Handsome, responsible, funny, kind, and compassionate.  I know my sister is proud of the young man he's become, and so are we!! See the breast cancer pin he's wearing?  That's in honor of his mom.  When I asked Debbie (the photographer) who's idea that was, she said it was his.  That he wanted to honor his mom in the pictures, and that he feels that she is with him.  Sniff.  (Side note -- he looks so much like her in this photo!)  Can't wait to get to spend 5 days with him and his dad! Here is his senior photo, courtesy of  Romeyn Photography.

Hello, "31 Things".  with Ali Edwards.  Check out the link (click on "31 Things") to read all about the class.  I'm having fun journaling along with her, telling 31 stories about my life.  Can't wait to put my album together when I'm through.  (I know, just what I needed.  Another online class. It's an addiction, I tell you!)

Hello, Laundry. Didn't I mention this last Monday?  Funny thing, there's more.  And since we're leaving on a jet plane, it kinda has to get done.  Soon.  Maybe I should try to invent self-cleaning clothes.  And self-ironing.  And self-folding.  Yeah.  I'm right on top of that, Rose.  (Name that movie!!)

Hello, Rain.  We had a lovely few days of cooler weather towards the end of last week, with wonderful, drenching rain.  My flowers on my back porch, and the roses in my garden out front, LOVED it.  Me, it's a love/hate relationship.  I love the rain, but not so much the mud that the girls drag in.  'Cause, you know, digging in the mud with all four paws is FUN, Mom!

Hello, HIDA scan.  Yes, unfortunately it would appear that I might have gallstones. Meh.  SO, off I go in the morning for this lovely "nuclear medicine test."  Doesn't that just sound pleasant??   As if gallstones aren't bad enough. 

What are you saying hello to this week??

Hello Monday is a Lisa Leonard inspired practice.  
Hello Monday header is courtesy of Katrina Simeck

Until next time,


Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello May 14.  As in, yay, we're done with Mother's Day.  I know.  I'm a bad person, but I really hate Mother's Day -- especially now that my mom and MIL are both gone.  But for me, whose goal in life was to be a mom, after struggling with 10+ years of infertility and treatments, and just this past year having my tubes tied and an ablation done so there is no more possibility of being said mom, it's a day I can well do without. (If that was an over-share, I apologize.)

Hello, yummy, tasty Mango Salad.  Made for dinner last night with items from our bountiful basket.  Seriously, a new fave. 

Hello, healing puppy.  Our Sadie-bug, (75 lb. lab/shepherd mix) has been suffering from skin allergies the past couple of weeks, and then on Thursday, had a cyst on her back that ruptured.  Therefore, hello trip to the vet to have it lanced and cleaned.  Looks much better after a weekend of meds and ointment -- but she looks funny with the big shaved spot on her back!  (Shh, don't tell her I said that!)   

Hello, beautiful rosebuds!  My rosebushes are being slow to bloom this spring, but are FULL of buds getting ready to bloom!  I just hope we get to see some of them before we leave for graduations! 

Hello, sweet great-niece!  You are growing so fast -- I wish you lived closer so I could just squish those sweet cheeks and hug that sweet little body!  (And, yes, the sand is blue.  Apparently, Crayola makes colored sand.  Who knew??)

Hello, frozen coffee.  (Frozen mocha, if we're being technical, with peppermint and and extra shot of espresso.)  Lovely little local place.  AWESOME coffee.  Although my hubbs would disagree that this actually qualifies as coffee.  But with 80* weather this week, I'm thinking frozen sounds pretty dang good. 

Hello, recumbent bike.   Hoping to get my grove on and build strength in my legs and back in preparation for our summer trip to AK this year.  Of course, this means cleaning out our downstairs to make room for the bike . . . trust me.  You don't want to see those photos.  I don't need any of you reporting me to Hoarders.  

What are you saying hello to this week?  

Hello Monday is a Lisa Leonard inspired practice.  
Hello Monday header is courtesy of Katrina Simeck. 

Until next time,


Sunday, May 13, 2012

For the Love of Mothers

To all the wonderful women I know who are mothers -- Happy Mothers Day.  You are so blessed to have children, and they are blessed to call each of you "mom."  

And most especially, to my mom, and to my mother-in-law -- you were both such shining examples of what being loving, caring, selfless mothers should be.  You both brought such joy into our lives, showed us how to live, raised us in godly homes, healed our hurts, enjoyed our successes, encouraged our dreams.  You are both dearly missed, today and every day, and we send you love and hugs and kisses. 

Until next time,


Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello Monday

Can you believe it's already the 7th of May??  I can't!  The year is almost half over!  Here are some things I'm saying hello to today:

Hello strawberries!  I picked up a flat with my Bountiful Basket on Saturday, and have been rinsing and cutting all afternoon!  I LOVE strawberries!  (Apparently, so do the puppies!  LOL!)

Hello laundry.  How can two people create so much laundry?  It's beyond me.  Well, that, and I tend to let it pile up, because I don't like to do it.  But that's beside the point.  

Hello menu making.  I'm still trying to get better about planning a weekly menu and going grocery shopping once a week, especially now that we're getting most of our produce through (awesome program, BTW -- you should check it out!). 

Hello haircut!  I'm off to see my own personal wizard, Cindy Lou, tomorrow, for a trim -- just in time for our 2 week graduation trip coming up!

Hello soreness.  I cannot tell a lie.  We cut down our cherry tree on Saturday.  Why, you ask?  Well, it just had . . . issues.  The biggest of which was that there are apparently not enough "male" bing cherry trees in our neighborhood, so we didn't get a lot of flowers or fruit.  So, a "Stella" will be replacing the Bing in short order.  Apparently, "Stella" doesn't need a man.  ;)  But sawing all those branches down to fit in the pickup?  Oh, my aching shoulder!

Hello barbeque!  SO excited for warmer weather and full propane tanks!  That means yummy grilled dinners -- tonight it's bratwurst.  Along with the fresh produce, it makes for a yummy meal! 

Hello Bible Study.  So happy to be able to join in with my family this afternoon on our Bible Study.  I've been out of the loop for a couple of weeks, and it feels good to be back in the Word!  

Hello Blue Skies!  Looks like perfect weather this week.  Sunny, and in the low to mid 70s.  Perfect.  Yep.  Lovin' it.  :)

What are you saying hello to this week?  

Hello Monday is a Lisa Leonard inspired practice.  Like the cute header??  It's made, and used with permission, by Katrina Simeck