Thursday, August 18, 2011


Ok, so, since I've taken my two photography classes with the awesome and very talented Brooke Snow, I've been somewhat remiss in practicing my newly learned skills.  I'm not a very motivated person, so having something to push me seems to work much better than Brooke saying "the best way to get better is to practice!  Take one photo a day, or a week, concentrating on something you learned in class.  Aperture, lighting, shutter speed, whatever."  (Likewise, the whole "practice" concept didn't go over so well with me when I took piano lessons, either.)   I needed something to hold me accountable.  And I think I found it with 52Photos!

I have been following the blog of this wonderful, gorgeous, and also very talented lady whom I now consider a friend (isn't that crazy, how you can make friends across the country and across the world with the internet?) , Monika Wright.   Her blog,, is filled with crafty ideas and beautiful photos, and she is one of the founders of a concept called "52Photos."   Click here to read her first post about it.  So!  Of course I would have loved to have joined in beginning in January, but she and fellow founder, Lisa, encourage you to join anytime during the journey.  So, even though the year is more than half over, I'm jumping in, and going to practice my photography and document the world around me!  Am I a multi-tasker, or what?  :o)  

If you would like to check out the group, 52 Photos, click here, or on the blog button on the right hand side of my blog.  I'll be posting my photos to my blog (as well as to the flikr group) each week, so be sure to check back and leave me some love!  Wish me luck! 

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