Saturday, December 10, 2011

Easy Holiday Frame


I'm hoping you are all wonderful on this bright, beautiful Saturday in December!  Of course, I can't really see the beautiful blue sky here in the valley because of the inversion, but hopefully Santa is planning some snow in the next week or so to wash all the crud out of the air!  :)

As promised, I'm back with a super easy idea for a frame I came up with, to showcase one of my favorite pictures of my furbaby, Sydnie.  It was her first Christmas with us, and I wanted her to look special!  ;)  (Needless to say, the hubbs hasn't let me dress her up since, and I have to admit, she did look rather bored.  LOL!)  This frame is REALLY easy.  It'll take you less than an hour, in most cases, and you'll have a keepsake you can pack away with your Christmas treasures and put out to enjoy for years to come.  

Here's what I used:

  1.  A $1 unfinished frame from Michaels
  2. Modge Podge
  3. A foam brush
  4. Scraps of Christmas fabric
  5. Bakers twine from The Twinery
  6. Christmas Ribbon
And this is what I came up with:

Simply follow these steps:
  1. Cut your Christmas fabric scraps into pieces of random size and shape.
  2. Starting in one corner, begin coating the unfinished frame with modge podge using the foam brush, and lay your pieces of fabric on the modge podge, making sure to overlap pieces and cover all the wood.  Keep doing this in small sections (so the modge podge doesn't dry out), until you have your entire frame covered.  Don't worry about the fabric overlapping the edges of the frame.  
  3. Starting in the same corner, go back over your frame, checking for loose edges of fabric -- if you find any (generally where the fabrics are overlapping), dab a little modge podge under the loose piece and stick it down, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles as you go.  
  4. Let your frame dry for about 10 minutes, or until tacky.  Go back over entire frame one more time with modge podge (over all fabric pieces), to seal the frame.  Let dry until no longer tacky (will depend on your climate how long that takes.)
  5. Once your frame is dry, turn it over, and using scissors or a rotary cutter, gently cut off any fabric overlapping the edges.  
  6. Turn your frame back over and, using modge podge, start in one corner of the inside opening of the frame and line with The Twinery's Peapod bakers twine, modge podging as you go.  I went around three times, then modge podged over the top of the twine to be sure it was held down.  (In my opinion, you can never have too much modge podge!)  This also covers up any rough edges you may have from trimming the overlapping fabric.  The Twinery's bakers twine is AMAZING stuff, and comes in a variety of colors!!  I'm thinking of using it on my Christmas cards and gifts this year.  Click on the link above to order their Christmas sampler, or on the button in my sidebar to check out their blog.  You will NOT be disappointed in their product or their amazing ideas!  :)
  7. To finish off your frame, cut a long piece of holiday ribbon, leaving enough to tie a large bow at the top of the frame.  (I wanted mine to look like a Christmas package.)  Again, with the modge podge, start with the bottom of the frame and the middle of your ribbon, go slowly around, modge podging ribbon to the edge as you go.  Leave an open area at the top in the center of the frame, about two inches, where you will tie your bow once the modge podge is dry
  8. Tie your bow (I did a double bow), and viola!  You have a Christmas keepsake!  Cut your photo down to fit the frame, insert, and display for all to see!
I would love to see your finished products, so leave me a comment and a link below if you decide to make one!  Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time,


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  1. Never thought to use fabric, this would be so cute for the girls' rooms using some of the leftover fabric from their bedding! And I love the look that your fur baby is giving you, too funny! So glad you're hooked on The Twinery twine,'s awesome.