Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello Spring! Hello beautiful lilacs! I've been waiting all winter for your yummy fragrance!

Hello Cherry Blossoms. Your beautiful, fluffy presence all over the valley makes me smile.

Hello . . . winter? Just for a day!

Hello play at the Desert Star. Hello, my love. Hello dinner at Olive Garden with friends, and a fun Saturday evening out.

Hello, Easter Sunday. Hello, Risen Christ! Allelujah!

Hello, Monday!
Hello pedicure with my bestie.
Hello spring cleaning.
Hello taxes. Really. We're in the final stretch!
Hello "beauty salon" appointment for the girls. Bath and brush {hopefully} = less dog hair in my house!
Hello tapering off medication; therefore, hello brain zaps. Don't ask.

What are you saying hello to this Monday? I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard! Let me know what you're up to this week! Until next time,



  1. And hello to you, my dear! Love your photos!

  2. Loved this post. It made me laugh. I could her spring coming to a screeching stop with that snow picture. Thankfully it was just for a day. I want to party with you. Desert star, olive garden, pedicures. Girl you are a party animal!