Sunday, September 4, 2011

52Photos: 'Crave' and 'Green'

So, here I am, with my first two official photos for the "52Photos" challenge.  I am, as usual, behind, delayed, er, LATE, so I'm submitting two at once!

The theme for week 33 was "CRAVE".  I so easily could have take a picture of a chocolate chip cookie, a brownie, or an ice cream sundae, but I wanted to do something different.  Here is my capture for "crave:"

This is, of course, my sweet Sydnie, craving that dog biscuit that her dad is holding up for her.  I was SO trying to get her to drool, thinking that would REALLY drive the 'crave' theme across -- and trust me, she's REALLY good at drooling.  But, no such luck.  She is such a soft soul -- takes things so gently.  A true lab.  :)

Week 35's theme was "GREEN."  I admit, I'm going back to a photo I took early this summer when I was doing a senior photo shoot for a friend.  I have no idea what this plant is, but have been told by not a few people that it looks like 'weed!'  I don't know what 'weed' looks like (honest!) but this was growing in the middle of a city park, so I'm assuming it's pretty safe!! LOL!

You can visit the Flickr group, 52Photos, by clicking on the button in my sidebar, to see all the other awesome photos that have been submitted -- or, to sign up for yourself and play along!!  This upcoming weeks theme is "WATER."  Tune in on Friday to see what I come up with! (I'll also be posting for week 34, which was 'Happy.')

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