Wednesday, October 26, 2011

30 Days of Lists -- Days 1 through 10

OK!  Finally, I've photographed my little mini album and am ready to share.  If you remember, I participated in this little online workshop back in September, called "30 Days of Lists."  I chose to just view the list each day, rather than printing off the entire 30 days -- I felt that way it was a little more spontaneous on my part!  And, I'm happy to say, I managed to keep up with each day (big accomplishment for this procrastinator!) -- just didn't get them photographed until now!  So, rather than bombard you with 30 photographs in one post, I'm splitting this into three posts over the next week.  So if you'd like to see the whole book, be sure to check back!!

First, I have to share that my little mini book came from my friend, Monika Wright's Etsy shop (I think she still has a few available!) -- she used the same one for her 30 Days of Lists, and it's fun to see how we took the same book and made them our own.  Here's my front cover:

Now, the fun thing is, this first "page" is a paper sack folded in half, so you have a little pocket.  Monika originally had a little file tag in there, which I ended up using on another page; I put a little September 2011 calendar in my pocket, which is a free download from (can you guess?)  Monika!  (Just click on her name to go to the download.)

Now, to get into the "meat" the the album:  Keep in mind, I was good, and used items from my stash -- I had all the alphabets I used for titles, as well as all the embellishments.  Scary, I know.  

Page 1:

You'll notice that on just a few of my pages, I included little contact photo sheets to emphasize my lists.  

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

This day included a little glassine envelope that came with the kit, and I printed off another freebie tag that I used for my list, then placed in the envie.  Easy peasy!  (edited to add that this tag freebie, as well as the one used on day two, are available on Facebook.  Follow this link, like "Designs by Lili," then look under her freebies tag on the left for the download.)
Day 5:

Day 6:

This day's list was "Favorite Color Combos" and I had a tag to scrapbook on -- so, I put the title on the front, and my colors on the back.  (Colors are cut from an old CTMH catalog color palette.)

Day 7:

Day 8:

One of my favorite lists.  Was especially fun to search Google images for some of my childhood memories!

Day 9:

The little yellow paper with the tag was what originally came in the pocket at the front of the book.

Day 10:

This day is a little hard to get -- it's on a transparency, so all the color you're seeing behind is actually the next day.  I have to admit  I was stumped on how to make a list on a transparency, so had to email Monika for ideas!  Avery labels!!  Who knew? 

Well, there you have days 1 through 10 of my "30 Days of Lists" album.  You should be able to click on the photos for a more detailed look at the list, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!  Comments are always appreciated -- and so is all the help I received from my bloggy friend, Monika.  Be sure to click over and visit her blog and send her some love!  Until next time,


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