Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thinking of You

Ok, so I've been thinking a lot lately about my nieces and nephews (something I do a lot as we couldn't have children of our own.)  My oldest nephew, Christopher, just recently celebrated his 3rd anniversary with his beautiful wife (my niece-in-love, Summer, who is adorable!) and their little girl, Penny, will be turning one in just a few short weeks.  I remember when HE was born, not so very long ago, it seems, and he and I were best buds.  (My sister took full advantage of having a tween sister that wanted to babysit!)

Christopher, many moons ago, with his "Kit Car" 

Chris and Summer on their wedding day

My next oldest nephew is Cody, and he's actually the one that inspired this whole post.  Cody is fresh into college this semester, and seems to be loving every minute of it, though he's not sure about his major (typical freshman!!)  As his family has traveled quite a bit during his lifetime with his dad's job, including to England and Canada, he is thrilled to be back in the US.  This kid, seriously, CRACKS ME UP.  He is so stinkin' handsome, and has such a great sense of humor.  (Along with his sensitive side, he'll make a wonderful hubby for some lucky girl some day! -- No rush, Cody!) 

Cody with my FIL on his graduation day
Okay -- so the long way around.  This photo coming up is what inspired this post.   Well, actually it's a quote.  And a quite funny one, if I so say so myself!  (Not that I aGREE, mind you, but it is funny!)  We were sitting together as a family, talking, I don't honestly remember when or even what about, and Cody comes out with this:
The guys, of course, were all laughing hysterically, including his dad and my dear hubbs, and his mom and I were sitting there with our mouths open.  Probably catching flies.  But I was browsing pinterest earlier today, and looking at all of the quotes on there (some of them so dippy) and I thought "I need to do a post about what Cody said, and pin it."  So, here it is!  Feel free to redistribute, and quote my much loved, 17 y/o at the time, nephew!  :) 

Next in line, another nephew!  My lovely sister Kelly (RIP, miss you sis!) gave birth to this absolutely adorable little man with her handsome husband on a sunny June day in Texas.  He has had a special place in my heart for nearly 18 years now -- he'll graduate next spring.  Time flies so fast, it seems.  And, while my sister has been gone for nearly 2 1/2 years now, he and his dad are doing well.  He is growing into such a handsome and caring young man -- my sis would be proud.  I know I am.  I just wish he lived closer!! 

David and his dad on a recent camping trip  
And, of course, we have . . . another nephew!!  (I was beginning to despair of ever having a girl to spoil, but stay with me!)  Nicholas is our "almost Christmas" baby.  He is the brother of the first nephew I listed, Christopher.  There are 14 years between the two.  (It's a family thing.  I am 14 years younger than my oldest sister, their mom, and 12 years younger than David's mom, my other sister.  I am 12 years older than Christopher, and Christopher is 12 years older than David, and 14 years older than Nicholas.  Weird, huh?  But I digress.)  Nick is just the cutest thing.  Of the three boys on my side of the family, he probably had the closest relationship with my mom, his "Granna."  They loved to work and play in the yard together.  Now that he's a teenager, he's into longboarding, which is pretty cool (and scary, if you ask me.)  Here's a recent photo I took of him on his board:

I know, it's a little blurry, but I was practicing my photography.  Loved that you could see his face & board.

And, finally, the youngest of the older nieces & nephews, a GIRL!!  Sweet, adorable, not so little anymore Kimmy!  As she's approaching tween-hood, her mom and dad have been calling her Kim, but to me she'll always be Kimmy.  I asked her last summer if that bothered her, and she said, no, she actually liked it!  Phew!  Kimmy is a girly girl -- but she's also played ice hockey, so she can kick butt, too!  She is turning into such a beautiful young girl -- so fun to be with, and has a great sense of humor, just like her brother, Cody.  Plus, she's into crafting, probably due to both her mom's (my SIL) and my influence.  We trained that girl RIGHT!

On her birthday, in March.  Isn't she pretty??

Now, for the younger ones.  My husband had a younger brother, Jeremy, who has 4 children.  Tragically (you may remember me posting about Jeremy back in late May/early June), Jeremy was killed in a motorcycle crash earlier this year.  These babies are now fatherless, and it just breaks my heart.  Their moms are doing a good job raising them, and they are all good kids.  VERY busy, but we are so blessed that their moms are willing to let all of us continue to be a part of their lives.  

All together for the first time, playing at the park after their dad's funeral
Phew!  I hope you're still with me!!  I really just meant to share my one nephews somewhat snarky comment, that cracked me up, and instead, you got the blow-by-blow on all my nieces and nephews!!  : )  They are all funny, bright, and beautiful, and I so hope you've enjoyed meeting them!!  Do YOU have family that is super special to you?  If you do, I would love to meet them in the comments!  Until next time,


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  1. I loved taking a peek at the family you love so much. Thanks for sharing your heart. Thanks also for your cute comment on my blog yesterday. You should have asked Daysha for a pic. She would have been happy to!