Monday, November 7, 2011

Carved Pumpkins and a blog update!

Here we are, a few days into November, and I wanted to share our awesome Halloween Pumpkins before we got too much closer to Thanksgiving!!  I have one more group of photos to share for my 30 Days of Lists (check back tomorrow for days 21-30), then next week I'll be sharing pages from my Fall Mini-book as well as some art journaling I'm working on for a class I'm taking from Stephanie Ackerman.  I'll also be featuring glances at my December Daily that I'll be working on putting together so when December comes, I can complete one page each day.  Check out Ali Edwards blog for more deets!  That's what's coming up in my life -- that and we're traveling later in the week to celebrate my sister and great-niece's birthdays with them, then back here for Thanksgiving with my FIL.  Ah, the busyness!  I need to remember to take time to enjoy the season, as well!

Mike and I had so much fun carving pumpkins this year -- we did eight.  Yes, eight.  And not all easy, either!!  As promised, I said I'd share the "power tool" pumpkin, so here it is:

The photos of the hubbs actually using power tools didn't turn out too well, but the Fu-Man-Chu Pumpkin is the end result -- a creation from the mind of a mechanical engineer, LOL!  He used a drill and a multi-tool (which I have to admit was great for cutting out the tops!), but got a little carried away on the mustache.  So, he was a lopsided jack-o-lantern. You can't really tell in this photo, but this pumpkin was HUGE!  Here are the others we carved (all of which were free patterns off the internet):

My favorites are the Lab and the "Trick or Treat" -- though I would NOT recommend that pattern for anyone who has carpal tunnel syndrome.  My fingers were numb for a few days!  (My doc would probably not be happy with me.  Won't do that one again!)  But I thought they turned out pretty fun, and we had many people comment on them -- kids especially liked the "Trick-or-Treat" pumpkin. 

Well, there you have it!  Our Halloween Jack-o-lanterns!  Hope you enjoyed them.  Tune in tomorrow for the final saga on my 30 Days of Lists.  Thanks for stopping by!

Until then,