Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One Little Word 2012

Here it is!  I decided to take Ali Edward's "One Little Word" class over at Big Picture Classes this year, after hearing all about and seeing posts about "OLW" and the impact it's made on people's lives.  After much thought, I was sitting one day, and it just came to me.  My word for 2012.  I spend so much time regretting the past, and worrying about the future . . . why not just BE?  In the present, be happy, be creative, be patient . . . the possibilities are endless, but I want to spend this year taking those opportunities, whatever they may BE.  :)   So, here are the results of my first assignment:

Above is my title page for my OLW 2012, using a download provided by Ali in the classroom.  The color-ready letters and border I used are both from Close to My Heart.  The interesting thing about this "title page" is it's 4x6 -- and stuck to our main page, which is an 8.5x11 - 9 pocket page protector.  I used what I had available for this, which happened to be (you guessed it!) from Close to My Heart:  our Memory Protectors Flip Flaps in the 4x6 size.   The one Ali used adhered on the side of the page, but I ended up adhering mine directly to the page protector, as my images were vertical.  With the see through adhesive, it worked perfectly!  

Ali's next suggestion was to include a current photo of yourself -- hard for me, because I HATE having my picture taken!  But I did it, and again, used the download that came with the class on my photo:

The rest of the assignment was to create a page about your word, including why you chose it, it's definition, synonyms, a quotation, and what you are inviting into your life this year by choosing this word.  She then invites you to decorate the page in your style.  I chose pink and browns, not only because they're two of my favorite colors, but the pinks matched my shirt!  LOL!  Don't know if the rest of my album with follow or not.  We'll just have to see! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  I would love any comments you might care to leave about my page -- it's always a little scary to embark on something new!  Join me the 2nd Monday of each month for my "One Little Word" album updates.  Until next time,



  1. Wow, just awesome. And who says the colors have to match throughout...just let it BE what it needs to be! I want some of those 4x6 flappies...do I just order through the link and you get credit?

  2. Beautiful. I love it, and I love the word you chose!