Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photo Basics -- Week 2 Homework

OK!  So here we are with week two of my photography class: Photographic Principle: Shutter Speed.  I can tell you that I'm going to be doing a LOT of practice with these settings!!  Actually, I can tell you that I'll be doing that with all of the assignments, just because shooting in manual is so new.  But it's so awesome to be in control!!  In fact, I was practicing my singular theme photos this weekend on my sisters daffodils, and she said "Oh -- are you using the MACRO button?"  I got to smile :) and say, "No, manual!!"  We've been in WY this weekend for Easter, so had limited opportunities for photos.  Limited time, rather, I guess.  Anyways, here are my submissions for this week:

Actually, for this one I have two:  the one I wanted to submit, but I know it was too dark -- but I still love the concept. If you click on it and look at it closer, you can see her ears frozen.  Can't quite tell her feet are off the ground!  My dog, Sydine, jumps for her ball, and this would have been a great frozen action shot if I had gone out just a little earlier:

ISO 1000
f /5.6

So, I know that one is too dark, but I wanted to show you that it would've been really awesome!  This is actually my submission for the first photo -- my nephew, Nicholas, is into longboarding, and this is a picture of him coming at me:

ISO 250
f /13

Post one IMPLIED MOTION image:

My submission for this one is of my uber-adorable great niece, Miss Penny.  She was 5 mo. on the 18th, and is into waving her arms when you talk to her!  So stinkin' cute!  Just love her to pieces.  If you look at her left hand, it's blurred while the rest of her is in focus:

ISO 250

Post one PANNING image:

Ok, I have to admit I am extra proud of this -- even though it was a fluke.  Second panning picture I tried, and I think it came out pretty darn good!!  I tried several closer photos after that, but blurred my nephew as well as the background in all of them.  Will have to keep practicing -- but am thrilled to share this with you all!

ISO 250

So, there you have week two!!  Many thanks to my nephew, Nicholas, and my other nephew, Chris and his beautiful wife Summer for sharing their sweet Penny with me and letting me post these pictures.  Till next week, friends and fellow photogs!  Namaste!


  1. GREAT work! I especially love that last photo. One day I'm going to take a photo class. One day...

  2. You should be proud of that last one - that is awesome!!! I didn't get the panning right....I will need more practice. :)

  3. These are fun's great to have interesting subjects (what a beautiful baby!)...Good job!

  4. I love these candid shots! They're all beautiful and I love the movement in them.

  5. Your panning photo is INCREDIBLE!!! Great job!

  6. You are really taking some great shots! I enjoy your photography!