Thursday, February 9, 2012

52 Photos 2012 Week 5


Thanks for dropping by today to see my photo of the week.  You can always link over to the Flicker Group to see all the photos posted for the week -- there are AMAZING photographers there! 

Anyways, on to my photo.  The theme this week was "Create" and I must admit I've fudged a bit!  This is a photo I took in November of last year, on a creative trip to the pottery shop with my sis and her friends! 

This is our beautiful friend, Colleen, with her sweet little frog she created!  (Bonus points for Colleen, because she loves purple as much as I do!)  We had SO much fun that night -- wine and crafting and friends!  Who could ask for more?  Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time,



  1. Friends are the best, aren't they? I remember my brother giving my Mom a frog just like that one and she had it forever. I think I need to find a DIY pottery shop here and have the girls make one to give to her for old times sake!