Monday, May 23, 2011

Lifestyle Photography Class -- Assignment #1

Week 1

Part One: Character/Details

With the concept of a shot list in mind, pick a “character” you would like to document.  Write down what details you could photograph to tell their story, and photograph those details.   Please post 3 character “details”.

Detail #1 -- small scale

Detail #2 -- small scale

Detail #3 -- small & large scale

Ok . . . can you tell who my character is?  ;)  (Hint, it's not my husband! LOL!)  I'm not sure I did this assignment right, Brooke.  My bad, I left my tutorials until the last minute, and then panicked about what I was going to do.  Then, with the weather disagreeing, yet again, I was hard pressed to get a few good photos in outside!  I won't make that mistake next week, I promise!  The only thing I can say is, these are definitely NOT images I would normally take to define my "character," although they are probably the most telling images I can think of!  The last image I said was both small and large scale, because of the basket full of toys as well as the yard that my "character" plays in.  Can you have both?  

Anyways, if I didn't do this correctly, I apologize!!   

Part Two: Character/Conflict

I want you to capture your character with the element of conflict.  Think about using the idea of “environmental” photography to help tell who your character is.  In essence, you want to capture your character either doing something, working at something, or in the midst of a visible emotion. Post 1-2 Character/Conflict images.

(Again, because of the weather, I was limited on photo time and light --my bad -- so I only have one "conflict" image).
My conflict image:

Good side lighting though, huh?  :)  

My "character" is one of my babies, Sydnie.  The above pictures are their leashes hanging by our door; their food & water dishes; and their toys in their basket, as well as our backyard, where they love to play.  My conflict image is of Sydnie playing with her new Nylabone.    I wanted to get one of the two of them play tug-o-war with their rope, but it started pouring rain, which made us come inside, and also darkened my house too much for indoor photos!  SO . . . . this is as good as it gets!  :)

My composition isn't the best, either, so again, I'll apologize!  May try to resubmit photos for this week if we have a make-up week!  Thanks to all for looking!  


  1. Hi Kate, I love the first picture and I love the angle. Nice Job!

  2. great job this week - I think your first image was super strong and my favorite!

  3. Yes great side lighting! I am so excited that you and my friend Tracy are taking this class. I sure learned a lot. I can't wait to check out your future homework assignments.

  4. Love love love the photo of the dog! I thought the lighting was great, and I love that she and the background are the same color :o) Love the colors on the leashes too and the way you've portrayed just the tops of them. Very fun capture!

  5. I'm so thrilled to see you in this class too Kate! We continue our photography journey together! ;0) I'm sorry to hear about the rain...but that didn't stop you from following through with the assignment. I love your dedication. My favorites from your batch is (most definitely) Sydnie & the colorful leashes. Sydnie seems very content yet very INtent on gnawing down on her new bone!

  6. I don't know anything about photography but I do know I enjoy looking at your photos. That must mean something, huh?

  7. Nice work! I love how the dog's fur matches the leather couch perfectly. Can't wait to see your homework submission this week!