Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photo Basics -- Week 3 Assignment -- Composition

So here we are, already on week three!   This week, we learned about composition.  Definition:  A pleasing arrangement of subject matter elements within the picture area."  Okay.  SO . . . our assignment is to:
**Post 3 images that incorporate elements of composition such as: lines, shapes, color, patterns, framing, simplicity, texture.
**Remember to avoid mergers, cut-offs, and think about the rule of thirds!
(You are free to choose whether you would like to focus on depth of field–using aperture–, or motion–using shutter speed.)

I had a lot of fun this week taking LOTS of photos!  And then uploading them to my camera and realizing that I should have taken a few more seconds looking around the viewfinder, asking myself if I was cutting anything off, or if there was anything that offended me about this photo.  BUT!  That is the beauty of digital photography!!  You can take and delete, take and delete!  I found subjects throughout the valley, from a pasture near my home, to Millcreek Canyon, to my own backyard.  Here is what I came up with:

Taken up Millcreek Canyon.  Going for the implied motion of the water, but also the lines of the trees and branches directing your eye to the waterfall.

Going for the "sweet spot."  Wanted everything in focus, and used the shapes and lines to draw attention to my subject (my good-natured and handsome hubby!)

Wanting to use "singular theme" to focus on my puppy, Sydnie, by slightly blurring the grass in front of her, but also using framing to draw attention to her sweet face.  I'm hoping I did the rule of thirds correct here, as well! 
So, those are my submissions of this week.  Many more I would like opinions on, but will save them for another time!  I'm excited to see everyone's photos this week.  Until tomorrow, namaste!!


  1. How do I pick a fave? All three are beautiful photos, but that last one of your doggie poking her nose through the fence is a heart-stopper!

  2. Oh my gosh! I LOVE the picture of your puppy! That is so super fun! The Millcreek pictures reminded me of when we lived in Salt Lake...I haven't been up that canyon for decades! It was great to see your pics!

  3. Hi Kate: Wonderful pics. Your Millcreek Canyon pic is beautiful. I really want to try one of these. I love the smooth look of the water. And Sydnie is sweet. It's awesome that you got him to peek at you through the fence.

  4. Great job in all your pictures Kate! Children & water are my two favorite subjects to shoot. The one of Syndie is so amusing & the use of the fence as a frame is very clever!