Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring just "May" be here!!

Good morning, peeps!   Just a short note, as I sit here drinking my cup of coffee and listening to a beautiful little birdie singing his heart out right outside my window.  I think the onset of May may finally have brought us spring!  Blue, blue skies, and temps are supposed to be in the upper sixties/lower seventies this weekend.  YAY!  My flower beds are cleaned out, I can see the first sprouts of my mom's lilies of the valley, my rose bushes have a TON of new growth, and my lilacs are just about ready to bloom!  I'm headed out this afternoon with my friend's beautiful daughter, Kelsey, to work on photos for this week's homework assignment . . . so be sure to check back and see our results! 

This little birdie has quite a bit to tell me, so I'm going to go listen to the rest of his story!  Hope this day finds you all enjoying the blessings of a new season and new life, as well!  Namaste!


  1. I think that birdie is at my house, too. YIPEEE for sunny skies and birds and SPRING. Better late than never, right?