Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lifestyle Photography Class -- Assignment #4

So, here we are, on our final assignment for my Lifestyle Photography class with the amazing and talented Brooke Snow.  I'm so sad to see it end!  I have learned so much the past month, though I know I have much more to learn (not the least of which, according to my husband, is to learn not to get so frustrated so easily)!  The other ladies in my class are all so very talented -- I've learned a lot from them, as well.  I look forward to practicing with my camera, getting more comfortable with it and with the concept of telling a story with my photos, rather than just taking the "say cheese" or "smile" posed pictures.   


Week 4

Part One: Thematic and Conceptual Shooting

This week we want to focus on telling a story in a single image and intentionally creating a “message” with the image.  

My sweet husband, Mike, who is supporting me on this photography journey, is nothing if not an outdoors-man!  He absolutely LOVES to be outside, in nature, whether warm or cold, sunny or stormy, day or night.  We had gone up to Park City today to finish up my assignments, and just enjoy a beautiful spring day together.  I captured this as he was standing on a bridge, overlooking a small stream that was swollen and fast-running with our rather impressive spring runoff!  I have the camera balanced on the rail or the bridge, looking down at him.  I love the bokeh, and the leading line pointing directly to him. I think this picture portrays enjoyment and relaxation.  I would love to know what feeling you get from it!  Does it tell a story for you? 

Part Two: Getting in your pictures

Post one self portrait image.  Set the timer, use a remote, or hand the camera to someone else.

Yes, dear hubby got to be behind the camera on this one.  And can I just say, barf.  I mean, he took a great picture, I just wish I wasn't in it!!  :/  I don't like having my picture taken, because I'm SO not photogenic!  But, as a scrapbooker, I do realize the importance of not only being behind the camera, but also in some of the images so future generations will know who I was, as well, like it or not!  

Many thanks and much love, again, to Brooke and to my fellow students.  I have learned so much from all of you!!  I wish you well on your photography journeys, and hope we can stay in touch!  Namaste!


  1. I think both photos are great, Kate! You are way too hard on yourself! :)

  2. I agree with Karen - you're too hard on yourself, but I totally understand - I hate having myself in pictures too. Yours is great though!

  3. Shame on you for talking bad about yourself! You are beautiful....look at that great smile! I love how you tilted your head though, as if to say, "Do we really have to do this?"

  4. I also like the photo of Mike. He does look relaxed. The word that came into my head was "pondering". He is really pondering what he is seeing. Great capture!

  5. What a successful shoot with both you and dh in images! I love how you framed yourself with the tree trunks and the great leading line in your first shot directs the eye perfectly with the tree in the background to give context. Great work! Janet