Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lifestyle Photography Class -- Assignment #2

So, with everything going on in our lives the past couple of weeks, I am WAY behind on my photography class homework!  Tomorrow we submit our last week, so you'll be seeing three posts in quick succession as I rush to get everything in.  This Lifestyle Photography class, taught by Brooke Snow has been absolutely wonderful, but BOY, do I still have a lot of learning to do!!  I'm getting more and more comfortable shooting in manual, but this lifestyle concept is completely new to me.  I find myself frustrated when I have a specific idea in mind and it doesn't pan out.  Need to work on that!  Anyhoo, on to my second week of assignments!

Part One: Point of View

Shoot something/someone you love to photograph and take your best shot.  Now… look at that shot good and hard.  Create 20 more images from a different Point of View. Please post your first shot (the initial reaction shot) and your 3 additional favorite perspectives. 

For part one, I chose a trip to one of our local libraries, as I love books and have loved to read since I was a small child!  I was in just one small portion of the library, as I didn't want to intrude on anyone -- but it just happened to be this little nook with this amazing wall of windows!  Perfect for natural lit shots.  So, the first picture is one of one of the aisles of books; the others are from different points of views, including framing and an aerial perspective.  


Part Two: Less is More

Photograph a scene (with or without people).  Now break that scene down into as many smaller scenes as possible, reducing until you can’t reduce any further.  Please post your first shot of the scene and 3 additional shots from the reduction exercise.  

For part two, I went to our local farmer's market.  This was one of those examples I talked about above where I had a very specific shot list in mind, and then had most of them 'shot' down, as there weren't very many veggies out yet!!  I was so frustrated, as I had envisioned lovely pictures of ripe fruits and vegetables for my  "smaller scenes."  Instead, I ended up with a few that were perhaps more telling of the actual farmers market, which also includes an arts and crafts market, as well (my favorite!)  It's also the only place I've seen that has valet bicycle parking!  :)

Anyway, thank you for looking this 'week,' and I appreciate any feedback you're willing to leave!  Namaste!


  1. i think you did a great job!i love the way you used to the 2 books to frame your picture in the 2nd shot!

  2. I love the last 2 shots on your perspective shots in the library, especially the small stack of books with the beautiful sunshiny day in the background. It makes me want to run home and read! I also love the farmers market photos... I thought you did a great job capturing the "essence" of a farmer's market. Great job!

  3. Great having you back Kate! The 2nd shot in your 1st batch also draws me in the most. It definitely makes for perfect framing. In the next batch you & I took a similar approach we broke down a place/scene. I like your initial shot the best, the sign leads me to want to see what's beyond, the man playing his guitar & people in the background makes me think of all the beautiful and different people at a farmers market.

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