Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lifestyle Photography Class -- Assignment #3

Oh, my goodness!  This was the difficult week, as we were home for my brother-in-law's funeral; however, I was able to spend time with my sweet great-niece, which gave me my great decisive moment, as well as visit one of Wyoming's natural wonders -- Pathfinder Dam, which, when overflowing, creates a 200 foot waterfall.  I had fun this week trying to find contrast and capture it in my photos.  I hope you enjoy them!


Week 3

Part One: Conceptual Contrast

The contrast of subject elements within our frame, such as big vs. small, wet vs. dry, dark vs. light, man vs. nature, old vs. young, or a million other options. Please post three images.  Your contrast can be the same in all three, or it can be different, but I want to see your creativity with the use of Point of View and make sure you use the Less is More principle by having nothing but the story in the picture

Free vs. restrained

Near vs. far, dark vs. light, left vs. right

Man vs. nature 
(ie., the dam is man-made, trying to hold back the force of nature)

Part Two: The Decisive Moment

The Decisive Moment is that rare moment in which the composition of a photo and the message or emotion of the scene reach an apex. Shoot something meaningful to you that you love.  But you only get three shots.  How does this limitation help you consider composition, point of view, framing, and of course, the timing of your image more than the ability to continuously fire?  Please post your ONE favorite of the three shots.

Trust me, this was a very decisive moment!  Miss Penny, my great-niece, is at that age where she's afraid of strangers, and is definitely a mama's girl!  Getting her to stop crying, much less smile, while I was watching her was nothing short of a miracle!  LOL!  But, she LOVED my camera, so I got lucky.  We had been playing peek-a-boo, and then went for a little walk outside, stopping by my truck to get the camera.  When we came indoors, I put her in her boppy (this little C-shaped pillow), and waited.  Playing peek-a-boo, once again, this time using the camera, I was able to finally get a little smile!   For this, waiting was worth it!  :)  Isn't she gorgeous?  

Thanks for checking out my pictures this 'week.'  :)  One more post to go!  As always, comments are welcomed -- please let me know what you think!  Namaste!


  1. your contrast photos are beautiful and SO creative, love the free vs. restrained and the near vs. far!! and that little girl is adorable, you captured her beautifully!

  2. I love your contrast photos as well - especially the free vs. restrained. I had such a hard time with this assignment; I think I need to try to be more creative with how I look at things rather than so literal! Love the tunnel photo as well. And your niece is beautiful! Baby cheeks are just made for photographing :o)